Date: Still in Festivals
Team: Sam Ainsworth
Inga Lísa Middleton
Anton Smári Gunnarsson
Fiona Brands
Halli Cauthery
Arnar Kristjánsson
Skúli Fr. Malmquist
Augustin Hardy
Freyr Árnason
Alice Bambridge
Justin Dolby
Cast: Hera Hilmarsdóttir
Sam Keeley
Hrafnhildur Hlynsdóttir
Festivals: Edda Awards 2021
RIFF 2020
NF Lübeck 2020
Schlingel IFF 2020

The Wish was a collaboration with Icelandic Production Company Fenrir Films.

It was funded primarily by Icelandic Film Funds, and was shot in London and Iceland in the summer of 2019.

Synopsis: Nine-year-old Karen has always dreamed of meeting her father, an actor living in London, and getting to know the magical world she believes he inhabits. Her wish comes true when she goes to visit him, but the experience, which is both exciting and uncomfortable, makes her realise that he’s not exactly the father she had hoped for.